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Toyota Venza: Terminals Of Ecu



Terminal No. (Symbol)

Wiring Color

Terminal Description


Specified Condition

D17-1 (GND) - Body ground

W-B - Body ground



Below 1 V

D17-3 (IGE) - D17-1 (GND)

R - W-B

Power source for driving motor

  • Motor is in operating
  • Motor is not in operating
  • Below 1 V
  • 10 to 12 V

D17-4 (SLP1) - D17-1 (GND)

V - W-B

Unlock position sensor output signal

  • Steering is locked
  • Steering lock is released
  • 10 to 14 V
  • Below 1 V

D17-5 (LIN) - D17-1 (GND)

L - W-B

LIN communication bus

Engine switch on (IG)

Pulse generation

D17-6 (IG2) - D17-1 (GND)

LG - W-B

IG signal input

Engine switch on (IG)

10 to 14 V

D17-7 (B) - D17-1 (GND)

P - W-B

Power source


10 to 14 V

Problem Symptoms Table
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Diagnosis System
DIAGNOSIS SYSTEM 1. DESCRIPTION (a) Diagnostic System When troubleshooting a vehicle with a diagnostic system, the only difference from the usual troubleshooting procedure is connecting the Techs ...

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