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Toyota Venza: Diagnosis System



Active torque control 4WD system data can be read in the Data Link Connector 3 (DLC3) of the vehicle. When the system seems to be malfunctioning, use the Techstream to check for malfunctions and perform repairs. Therefore when there seems to be a problem with the active torque control 4WD system, use the Techstream or SST to check and troubleshoot it.


(a) The ECU uses CAN (ISO11898-1) and ISO9141-2 for communication protocol. The terminal arrangement of the DLC3 complies with SAE J1962 and matches the ISO9141-2 format.

Verify the conditions listed in the table below.

Symbol (Terminal No.)

Terminal Description


Specified Condition

SIL (7) - SG (5)

Bus + line

During transmission

Pulse generation

CG (4) - Body Ground

Chassis ground


Below 1 Ω

SG (5) - Body Ground

Signal ground


Below 1 Ω

BAT (16) - Body Ground

Battery positive


10 to 14 V

CANH (6) - CANL (14)

CAN bus line

Ignition switch off*

54 to 69 Ω

CANH (6) - CG (4)

HIGH-level CAN bus line

Ignition switch off*

200 Ω or higher

CANL (14) - CG (4)

LOW-level CAN bus line

Ignition switch off*

200 Ω or higher

CANH (6) - BAT (16)

HIGH-level CAN bus line

Ignition switch off*

6 kΩ or higher

CANL (14) - BAT (16)

LOW-level CAN bus line

Ignition switch off*

6 kΩ or higher


*: Before measuring the resistance, leave the vehicle as is for at least 1 minute and do not operate the ignition switch, other switches or the doors.

If the result is not as specified, the DLC3 may have a malfunction. Repair or replace the harness and connector.


Connect the cable of the Techstream to the DLC3, turn the ignition switch to ON and attempt to use the Techstream. If the display indicates that a communication error has occurred, there is a problem either with the vehicle or with the Techstream.

  • If communication is normal when the Techstream is connected to another vehicle, inspect the DLC3 of the original vehicle.
  • If communication is still not possible when the Techstream is connected to another vehicle, the problem may be in the Techstream itself. Consult the Service Department listed in the Techstream instruction manual.


(a) When a problem occurs in the active torque control 4WD system, the AWD warning light on the combination meter comes on to inform the driver of the problem.

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