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Toyota Venza: Maintenance and care

Toyota Venza Owners Manual / Maintenance and care

Cleaning and protecting your vehicle, performing do-ityourself maintenance, and maintenance information

The compass on the inside rear view mirror indicates the direction in which the vehicle is heading.  - Operation To turn the compass on or off, push and hold “AUTO” for longer than 3 se ...

Maintenance and care

Other materials about Toyota Venza:

Rear Left Sensor Malfunction (C1AE6)
DESCRIPTION The No. 1 ultrasonic sensor (rear left sensor) is installed on the rear bumper. The ECU detects obstacles based on signals received from the No. 1 ultrasonic sensor (rear left sensor). If the No. 1 ultrasonic sensor (rear left sensor) has an o ...

Stereo Component Amplifier
Components COMPONENTS ILLUSTRATION Removal REMOVAL PROCEDURE 1. REMOVE FRONT SEAT ASSEMBLY RH (for Manual Seat) HINT: Use the same procedure for the RH side and the LH side (See page ). 2. REMOVE FRONT SEAT ASSEMBLY RH (for Power Seat) HINT: ...

CD cannot be Ejected
PROCEDURE 1. CHECK OPERATION (a) Press the disc eject switch of the radio and display receiver assembly for 5 seconds or more and check that the CD is ejected. OK: CD is ejected. NG REPLACE RADIO AND D ...

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