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Toyota Venza: Lost Communication with AFS LIN (B124D)

Toyota Venza Service Manual / Networking / Lin Communication System / Lost Communication with AFS LIN (B124D)


Refer to DTC B124D (Lighting system) (See page ).


DTC Detection Condition

Trouble Area


Malfunctions in LIN communication system

  • Inner rear view mirror assembly
  • Harness or connector
  • AFS ECU (headlight swivel ECU assembly)


Refer to DTC B124D (Lighting system) (See page ).



REFER TO DTC B124D (Lighting system)

See page



LIN Communication Master Malfunction (B2287)
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P/W Master Switch Communication Stop (B1206)
DESCRIPTION This DTC is stored when LIN communication between the multiplex network master switch assembly and main body ECU (driver side junction block assembly) stops for more than 10 seconds. ...

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