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Toyota Venza: System Description



The immobiliser system is a theft deterrent system that determines whether to disable starting of the SFI system based on a comparison of the key ID code and the vehicle pre-registered code. The immobiliser system compares the vehicle certification ECU (smart key ECU assembly) pre-registered ID code with the ID of the key-embedded transponder chip. If the ID codes do not match, the immobiliser system is activated and the SFI system cannot be started. The certification ECU (smart key ECU assembly) manages communication with the ECM, power management control ECU and steering lock ECU (steering lock actuator assembly). When the ID codes of the transponder chip and certification ECU (smart key ECU assembly) match, the certification ECU (smart key ECU assembly) authorizes the SFI system to start.




Transponder key coil/amplifier (built into the engine switch)

  • Transmits the engine switch signal to the power management ECU.
  • Informs the driver of any power source or system abnormality through the illumination stage of the indicator light.
  • Receives the ID code and transmits it to the certification ECU assembly (smart key ECU assembly) when the key battery is too weak to respond to the tuner based on signals from the room oscillators.


Receives the signals from the oscillators and returns the ID code to the door control receiver.

Steering lock ECU (steering lock actuator assembly)

Receives the steering unlock/lock signal from the certification ECU (smart key ECU assembly), and activates the steering lock motor.

Power management control ECU

  • Switches the power source among four modes (off, on (ACC), on (IG), start) in accordance with the shift position and the state of the stop light switch.
  • Turns on the ST relay, and starts the engine when the engine switch is pushed once with the brake pedal depressed.

Certification ECU (smart key ECU assembly)

  • Certifies the ID code received from the door control receiver and transmits the certification results to the steering lock ECU.
  • Transmits the steering lock/unlock signals.
  • Transmits the engine immobiliser set/unset request signals.


Receives the signal from the certification ECU (smart key ECU assembly), and performs engine ignition and injection.

Indoor electrical key oscillator

  • Front, Center, Rear

Transmits key detection signals within the detection area in the vehicle cabin upon receiving a transmission request signal from the certification ECU (smart key ECU assembly).

A certification ECU (smart key ECU assembly) request signal is activated when the key is brought into the vehicle cabin and the engine switch is pushed.

Door control receiver

Receives an ID code from the key in the actuation area and transmits it to the certification ECU (smart key ECU assembly).

Accessory meter assembly

  • Security indicator light

Illuminates or flashes.

Illumination is controlled by the certification ECU (smart key ECU assembly).

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