Toyota Venza manuals

Toyota Venza: Horn

To sound the horn, press on or close to the mark.

 - After adjusting the steering wheel

Make sure that the steering wheel is securely locked.

The horn may not sound if the steering wheel is not securely locked.

Parking brake
Sets the parking brake* (Depressing the pedal again releases the parking brake.) *: Fully depress the parking brake pedal with your left foot while depressing the brake pedal with your right foot ...

Instrument cluster

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REASSEMBLY PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL REAR SEAT LEG ASSEMBLY RH (a) Using a T55 "TORX" socket wrench, install the rear seat leg assembly RH with the 5 "TORX" bolts. Torque: A : 42 N·m {428 kgf·cm, 31 ft·lbf} B : ...

Fog Light Assembly
Components COMPONENTS ILLUSTRATION Disassembly DISASSEMBLY PROCEDURE 1. REMOVE FOG LIGHT BULB (a) Turn the fog light bulb in the direction indicated by the arrow shown in the illustration and remove it. NOTICE: Do not touch th ...

Diagnostic Trouble Code Chart
DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODE CHART Rear View Monitor System DTC Code Detection Item See page C1622 Back Camera Disconnected ...

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