Toyota Venza manuals

Toyota Venza: On-vehicle Inspection




(a) Check the throttle control motor operating sounds.

(1) Turn the ignition switch to ON.

(2) When pressing the accelerator pedal, check the operating sound of the running motor. Make sure that no friction noises are emitted from the motor.

If friction noise exists, replace the throttle body.

(b) Check the throttle position sensor.

(1) Connect the Techstream to the DLC3.

(2) Turn the ignition switch to ON.

(3) Turn the Techstream on.

(4) Enter the following menus: Powertrain / Engine / Data List / Throttle Sensor Position.

(5) Depress the accelerator pedal. When the throttle valve is fully opened, check that the value of "Throttle Sensor Position" is within the specification.

Standard throttle valve opening percentage:

60% or more


When checking the standard throttle valve opening percentage, make sure the shift lever is in N.

If the percentage is less than 60%, replace the throttle body assembly.


INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1. INSPECT THROTTLE BODY ASSEMBLY Text in Illustration *1 Component without harness connected (Throttle Body) (a) Check that the throttle v ...

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