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Toyota Venza: Inspection




(a) Measure the resistance according to the value(s) in the table below.

Standard Resistance:

Tester Connection


Specified Condition

E2 - THO1

10°C (50°F)

5 to 8 kΩ

E2 - THO1

25°C (77°F)

2.5 to 4.5 kΩ

E2 - THO1

110°C (230°F)

0.22 to 0.28 kΩ

THO1 - Body ground


10 kΩ or higher

If the resistance is out of the specified range with the ATF temperature shown in the preceding table, replace the ATF temperature sensor assembly. Otherwise, the driveability of the vehicle may decrease.

REMOVAL PROCEDURE 1. REMOVE AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE ASSEMBLY HINT: See the steps from "Remove Engine Assembly with transaxle" through "Remove Automatic Transaxle Assembly" (See p ...

INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL ATF TEMPERATURE SENSOR ASSEMBLY (a) Coat a new O-ring with ATF and install it to the ATF temperature sensor assembly. Text in Illustration ...

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