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Toyota Venza: Disassembly




(a) Using a 14 mm straight hexagon wrench, remove the cap from the modulator.

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14 mm Straight Hexagon Wrench



(b) Using pliers, remove the cooler dryer.

REMOVAL PROCEDURE 1. DISCONNECT CABLE FROM NEGATIVE BATTERY TERMINAL NOTICE: When disconnecting the cable, some systems need to be initialized after the cable is reconnected (See page ). 2. RE ...

INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL COOLER CONDENSER ASSEMBLY (a) Install the cooler condenser assembly with the 4 bolts. Torque: 6.0 N·m {61 kgf·cm, 53 in·lbf} HINT: If th ...

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INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1. INSPECT DRIVER SIDE LUMBAR SWITCH (a) Measure the resistance between the terminals when the switch is operated. Standard Resistance: Tester Connection Switch Condition ...

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