Toyota Venza manuals

Toyota Venza: System Diagram


Communication Table





Main body ECU (Driver side junction block assembly)

Power back door ECU (Power back door motor unit)

  • Power back door control switch signal
  • Back door unlock detection switch signal
  • Vehicle speed signal
  • Electrical transmitter switch signal
  • Shift position switch signal


Power back door ECU (Power back door motor unit)

Main body ECU (Driver side junction block assembly)

  • Hazard warning light signal
  • Back door courtesy switch signal


Certification ECU

Main body ECU (Driver side junction block assembly)

Transmitter switch signal


System Description
SYSTEM DESCRIPTION 1. POWER BACK DOOR SYSTEM DESCRIPTION (a) The power back door system controls the power back door by automatically opening and closing the power back door with a motor. (1) The ...

How To Proceed With Troubleshooting
CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT HINT: Use the following procedures to troubleshoot the power back door system. *: Use the Techstream. PROCEDURE 1. VEHICLE BROUG ...

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Dtc Check / Clear
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